Edgewater Sewer Services Inc.

Sewer Repair
& Maintenance

Edgewater Sewer Services Inc. delivers reliable, cost-effective sewer solutions for residential and commercial clients across Southern Ontario. With over a decade of experience, our expert team prioritizes your needs, utilizing advanced equipment to ensure every job is done right the first time. 


Your Solution for Sewer Maintenance & Repair in Ontario

We are experts in the field of trenchless “no-dig” technology, a specialty in rehabilitating sanitary and storm sewers, culverts, and structures with minimal disruption. Our commitment is to deliver services that uphold high-quality standards while ensuring cost-effectiveness, efficacy, and environmental safety for our customers.

About us

Your Trusted Sewer Maintenance & Repair Provider in Ontario

At Edgewater Sewer Services Inc., we take pride in being your comprehensive source for superior sewer services and solutions, catering to the needs of municipalities, commercial entities, industrial facilities, and residential customers.

Guided by our owner-operator’s extensive expertise of over 25 years in the sewer and drainage industry, we have dedicated more than 15 years to deliver superior sewer maintenance and repair services. Our reputation has been built on our speciality in offering trenchless “no-dig” rehabilitation solutions for sanitary and storm sewers, culverts, and structures, which has set us apart in the industry.

Our mission at Edgewater Sewer Services Inc. is to consistently provide our clients with high-quality, economical, non-disruptive, and environmentally safe services and solutions. We are committed to making a difference in your sewer maintenance and repair needs.


No-Dig Technology & Advanced Sewer Services